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Enjoy Life Outside!

Make the most of your home and garden with our luxury external shading systems. Perfectly control ambient conditions, transforming the use, functionality and enjoyment of all types of spaces.

  • Stylish patio awnings, providing instant shade and shelter. Our awnings use world-class fabrics providing the highest level of UV protection and the greatest longevity. All together providing you with the utmost premium Awning!
  • Innovative, external blinds that offer unbeatable solar, heat and light control.
  • Award winning louvered roofs that allow year round use of the outdoor space whatever the weather.

We have the perfect external shading system for your application and requirements.

Take control of the weather and enjoy sun, shade or shelter at the touch of a button. We’ve got you covered.

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More details about our UK Made Aluminium Louvered Pergolas

Minimalist design

The minimalist design of our louvered pergolas makes them a favourite on the terrace, or in the garden. The streamline louvers form a perfectly aligned watertight roof when closed. They can rotate up to 150 degrees, stopping at any position, allowing you to enjoy as much light or shade beneath the structure as you wish. They also provide ventilation from heat build-up beneath.

Remote control

The pergola motor is connected to a built-in receiver that enables it to be activated by remote control. The system automatically stops at its fully extended position (150 degrees) but, it can be stopped using the remote control at any position in-between, enabling the louvers to be perfectly positioned based on the angle of the sun to provide sun or shade under the pergola.

Rain sensor

A rain sensor can be connected to the system, which senses rainfall like an automatic car windscreen wiper and sends a command to the motors, rotating the louvers to the fully closed position, where they will form an entirely watertight roof covering. It is also possible, with the aid of a smart hub connected to your broadband router, to control our pergolas using a smartphones app from anywhere in the world.