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Window Shutters

Window shutters come in various shapes and sizes to fit your window. The most common window shutter is a full height shutter to cover the full-length of your window. You can then choose whether all louvres move together, or they are split allowing you to keep half closed and half open. Whatever your window style, you can be sure that shutters will enhance your room and generate lots of kerb appeal!

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Window Shutters

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More details about our Shutters

Choice of finishes

Our Shutters are made-to-order with styles and finishes to suit any window, taste or budget. With five different wood types in a choice of styles including full height, cafe style, tier-on-tier, tracked, shaped and solid panels, we can satisfy the desire to have this popular window solution. There are also attractive painted and stained colour finishes to choose from – a solution and style to suit everyone's taste.

Where can Shutters be fitted?

Whether you have modern or traditional period windows, the wide choice of Shutter styles available, means they can be configured to harmonise with the design of the window. With various louvre widths and accessories, Shutters are almost like a piece of customised furniture and can be used to enhance small, large or awkwardly shaped windows and doors.

How should Shutters be fitted to multiple paned windows?

Shutter panels should reflect the glazing bars. So, if you have four panes, the Shutters will look more balanced, and in harmony with the window, if they also have four panels.